Debugging APRS clients with a virtual null-modem cable using socat and tnc-server

While working on my GoBalloon project, I found myself needing to connect two AX.25/KISS APRS clients together for debugging purposes.   If your computer has two hardware RS-232 serial ports, you can accomplish this by connecting a null modem cable between the two ports and connecting an APRS client to each port.   I discovered an easier way to do this today and you don’t even need a serial port at all.   The trick is to use the socat utility.  socat is available in most Linux distros and there are a few Windows ports out there, as well.

To create the virtual null modem cable, run socat like this:

% socat -d -d pty,raw,echo=0 pty,raw,echo=0

2014/08/10 19:08:28 socat[25083] N PTY is /dev/pts/3
2014/08/10 19:08:28 socat[25083] N PTY is /dev/pts/4
2014/08/10 19:08:28 socat[25083] N starting data transfer loop with FDs [3,3] and [5,5]

As you can see above, socat will respond with two virtual serial ports (ptys).  In the example above, they are /dev/pts/3 and /dev/pts/4.

Once you have those, simply fire up your APRS clients and connect each of them to one of those virtual ports.   Everything sent by one client will be copied to the other client and vice-versa.

If you are debugging an APRS client that uses KISS-over-TCP, you can use my tnc-server utility to bridge the virtual serial port and the network.  Simply tell tnc-server to attach to one of those virtual ports and it will open a network listener that you can connect your KISS-over-TCP client to:

./tnc-server -port=/dev/pts/3 -listen=

 If you want to attach two KISS-over-TCP clients to each other, simply fire up a second instance of tnc-server that listens on a different port.

 ./tnc-server -port=/dev/pts/4 -listen=

From there, connect one APRS client to  <your_machines_IP>  port 6700 and the other client to port 6701.